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I believe it is so unfortunate how we get attached to other people and we think that we can’t live without them. You know when that person gets in a relationship and we feel betrayed like they were supposed to love us? Or even when you just love someone and they don’t love you back.

What if that is God letting us know that that’s what it feels like when we betray Him? Because aren’t we supposed to love God?

Why do we cling to other people but we have such a hard time clinging to God?

That person doesn’t love you unconditionally.

God does.

That person didn’t die for you and your sin.

Jesus did.

That person won’t forgive you after every mistake you make.

But God will.

So why do we have a hard time clinging to a perfect person, but it’s a piece of cake to cling to someone so imperfect?

Jesus is in love with us. So why is it so hard to fall in love with him?

No one that we are with or will ever be with will ever be able to come close to what God has done for us.

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