Photo I took at a math team competition my senior year of high school.
Photo I took at a math team competition my senior year of high school.

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Tomorrow, I start my Sophomore year at Penn State New Kensington.

First of all, where did the time go? Just yesterday, I attempted to throw my graduation cap up and watched it fly across the room.

Time goes by too fast. I tell the kids at church to never grow up because it’s a trap. And it truly is.

Secondly, most of you know I’m changing my major. My senior year of high school, I was pretty sure I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a police officer, to risk my life for others. I took a class offered by a local police officer at the high school along with other students. I was so sure.

I took criminal justice classes through my Freshman year of college. But I found myself kind of getting anxious thinking about it. I’d like to think I’m the kind of person who could put their life on the line for others, but I am not the type of person whose name I want my family to see on the news because I have been killed due to people rioting police officers, or anything of the like. Apparently killing police officers is sadly the new trend.

Plus, it was the movie Die Hard that made me really anxious. I mean, I know my chances are slim, but I would die in that elevator shaft.

It was really scary being in college, thinking you knew what you wanted to do with your life and you find out that this isn’t what you wanted.

But now, it’s all good now.

I have loved to write my whole life and when I was trying to figure out what I wanted do, something always brought me back to writing. I work in a library for God’s sake. Something has always led me back to a writing and publishing field.

So after giving it a long thought, I have decided to withdraw myself from the AOJ field and jump in to the Communications (Journalism) major, hoping to become a book editor someday. I’ve got my heart set on this and I know God has been with me in making this decision.

I remember back to a few years ago someone said I was going to be a world changer. I do get a little bummed when I think of that, but hey, who’s to say book editors can’t change the world?

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