I haven’t been writing much lately because there’s just so much going on in this crazy brain that to boil it down to a single 300-600 word blog post is near impossible.  I’m just going to start off telling you a little about what’s on my brain today and we’ll go from there.   When I started writing this, I had no idea where it was going … enjoy. 🙂  


So, the title of this post is “Live Each Day as if it’s Your Last.” Take this one with a grain of salt.  (Please, Lord, don’t let anyone do anything ridiculous as a result of this post.)  I’m not telling you to go jump off a bridge because you could die today anyways.  Now that we have that straightened out, we can continue with the rest of the post.  Knowing that you need to prepare to live tomorrow while you also could die today, what would you do?   Would you love those around you more?  Would you go for some crazy adventure that you wouldn’t otherwise?  Every day can be an adventure.   I’m not talking expensive adventures.  Life can be simple and adventurous at the same time.  Would you help someone you’d never met?  

“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble” (Matthew 6:34 ESV). 

“Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring” (Proverbs 27:1 ESV).  


These verses, as well as others that specifically address this topic, put into practice clearly address the need for Christians to focus on living each day independent of one another rather than living for the next day.  I’m kinda in love with Garth Brooks, so I’ll just be over here singing “If Tomorrow Never Comes.”   But, seriously, why would you live for a day that is not guaranteed?  Get what you need to get done today done if today’s the last day that God gives you. Whatever (within responsible means) that looks like for you.   

(Hopefully) this mindset will encourage you to spend a little less time on your phone and computer.  Yes, I know that affects how much you spend how much time you spend here.  I’m worried about you.  

High school and college students, stop losing sleep to study and do homework.  Your health is more important than your grades.  It’s not often that people tell you that, because everyone wants you to do so well that they just assume that all-nighters are a part of college.  They’re not. They don’t have to be.  Stop it.  Go to bed.  You’re not going to remember what you’re studying anyway.  Better that you get a solid 8 (or 10, for me) hours of sleep.   

Sidenote: did I just admit that I sleep 10 hours every night on the internet?  

Don’t stress so much about what you have to do for tomorrow that you lose sleep tonight or joy today.   

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