The heart behind starting this blog was to share the Gospel openly and honestly.  As a result of that, some posts may be pretty blunt.

I (Amanda) am naturally a very opinionated person, unapologetically.  I believe that God made me that way for a reason.  Do I believe that He created me that way to offend you? Absolutely not.  Do I believe that if my opinion, if prayed through and Christ-centered just so happens to offend you it is my fault? No, it’s probably an issue of your heart.  Will I absolutely be willing to talk to you about it? Yes.

Yes, if we are wrong, call us out on it. Gracefully, please, so that we can have a conversation.

Because our desire is to honor God with our lives and with this blog, we will never

  • post something simply to offend someone/a group of people
  • post something out of anger, bigotry, hatred, etc.
  • respond to a negative comment that is simply going to cause a fight
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